It’s the start of a new year, and one which will hopefully add to the success that Team WP has enjoyed in recent times.

In our never-ending quest for improvement we have instituted a regular newsletter, and you’re enjoying the first edition. We plan to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the local polo scene during a busy first term.


Manager appointed and structures formalised

As announced at the Capping Ceremony last year we have now appointed a full-time manager for WPSWP – Logan Mackie, a SACS old boy and UCT graduate. His main responsibilities will be around development and growing the number of players. We are committed to changing the demographics of our player base as well as progressing our high performance programme. This includes players, coaches and match officials.


We are also pleased to announce that WPSWP stalwart Bridget Marshall will be carrying on as secretary of the organisation. She brings a wealth of knowledge to bear in this important position. On the financial administration side we have appointed Lisa Hulett to the position of bookkeeper. These are important developments which we anticipate will bring greater efficiencies to the organisation. If you have financial queries please email Lisa on , any administrative query Bridget on and Logan on


Knock-out Tournament is underway

The highlights of the local water polo calendar are the annual Knock-out Tournaments that take place in the first term. The first goal has already been scored in the girls U13 competition and the rest – boys and girls from U13 through to U19 – start today.

There are weekly games from now on and the competitions culminate in the finals at Newlands Municipal Pool on Wednesday 15 March. This is a magnificent occasion and regularly draws thousands of spectators as the very best players in each age group are pitted against each other.


Stay abreast of the KO with our app

Many parents and players took advantage of the WPSWP smart phone app at the InterProvincial Tournament in Durban in December and we’ve revamped it to accommodate all there is to know about the Knock-out Tournament. We urge everyone interested in staying in touch with A-team fixtures, logs or news to download the app from the Play Store (android) or the iStore (Apple).


Keep an eye out for one of the two satisfaction surveys

Last year’s IPT was the most successful – from a results perspective – ever undertaken by Team WP. We won seven Golds, four Silvers and a Bronze; astoundingly we had 11 teams participating in 10 finals!

As we all know however, that there’s more to being successful than just the results from the pool. In order to improve our planning and performance for the 2017 IPT we will be sending out two surveys in the next couple of days: one for players and one for parents to complete.

They are really straight forward and will not take long to complete. Once you receive notice of them please click on the appropriate link and complete the survey. They are anonymous but if you feel you have more to say please add your name and contact details at the end and we’ll get back to you. Please, let’s keep it constructive!


2017 IPT lined up

Planning has already begun for the 2017 iteration of this gala event that’s scheduled for Port Elizabeth provisionally from 8 to 12 December. So, if you are already planning your travels for the year why not make the Windy City part of that plan? More details to follow as the come available.