Following an incident that occurred during a match between Diocesan College and Rondebosch Boys High School on 3 February 2018, WPSWP appointed a sub-committee to investigate the incident. On 19 April 2018, WPSWP published a summary of the findings and recommendations of the sub-committee.

Pursuant to the findings and recommendations of the sub-committee, the executive committee of WPSWP proposed to implement a sanction against one of the players involved in the incident. The player concerned noted an appeal against the sanction on 24 July 2018.
On legal advice, the executive committee, who imposed the sanction, accepts that the sanction was imposed after a process that was procedurally irregular. In the circumstances the executive committee has resolved to set aside the sanction.

The executive committee acknowledges that it erred in converting the recommendation of the sub-committee into a sanction against the player without granting him the opportunity to properly oppose the implementation of the sanction in a duly constituted enquiry.
The error on the part of the committee in this regard is regretted. The executive committee, however, accepts and endorses the recommendations of the sub-committee.

Inasmuch as the executive committee of WPSWP is of the opinion that it is in the interests of water polo for allegations regarding the conduct of the player concerned to be appropriately dealt with, the committee has resolved to request Schools Water Polo South Africa to urgently constitute a disciplinary enquiry into the conduct of the player.