Provincial Teams

WPSWP select 20 teams each year to compete in the SA Schools Tournament which is hosted by provinces on a rotational basis in December of each year.

For details on results and awards from the IPT 2018, please visit

SA Schools 2019 details:

Venue: Gauteng
Dates: 7-11 December

Please click here for more detailed information made available by GSWP (IPT 2019 GSWP information 17052019)

The dates for the 2019 SA schools IPT tournament to be hosted in Johannesburg has been confirmed from Saturday, 7th December to Wednesday, 11th December (5 days). Saturday the 7th will be for Team Registration and Photographs and the Opening Ceremony which will be held at St Stithians College (venue still to be finalised) and will commence at 3:30 pm.

Matches commence on Sunday, 8th December and will conclude mid-afternoon on Wednesday, 11th December with the medal and closing ceremony.

For further information regarding the tournament, please visit the SWPSA website or click here.

WPSWP Coaches and Managers have been appointed and are listed hereunder. We congratulate those appointed and look forward to working together towards another successful IPT.


u19a Devon Card
u19b Kimon Haralambous
u16a Jesse Singer
u16b Ishma’eel Essa
u15a Matthew Johnston
u15b Mika’eel Essa
u14a Jason Fisher
u14b Kyle Marriott
u13a Ryan Weideman
u13b Matt van Niekerk
u13 assistant – Connor Whiting

GK specialist Keegan Clark
Coaching mentors Dean Rimmer, Julian Vincent, Ryan Weideman


u19a Chad Gabriels
u19b Diego Pizzimbone
u16a Nicola Barrett
u16b Craig Haird
u15a Matt Logan
u15b Nicola Macleod
u14a Weston Crewe
u14b Brittany Gutuza
u13a Amy Keevy
u13b Bryan Punt

Squad Sessions

U13 starting Sunday 25th August @ Reddam 9h00-11h00
U14 starting Saturday 3rd August @ RBHS 15h00-17h00
U15 starting Saturday 27th July @ WBHS 17h00-19h00
U16 starting Saturday 10th August @ WBHS 15h00-17h00
U19 starting Sunday 18th August @ Bishops 15h00-17h00 Note this new date!

U13 now on Saturdays @ WBHS 10h00-12h00
U14 starting Saturday 27th July @ Westerford 13h00-15h00 NOTE THIS CHANGE
U15 starting Sunday 21st July @ Reddam 11h00-13h00
U16 starting Sunday 21st July @ Reddam 13h00-15h00
U19 starting Sunday 21st July @ Reddam 15h00-17h00  NOTE THIS CHANGE


u19 Fiona Viotti
u16 Brandon Siljeur
u15 Travis Liam Theron
u14 Cole Siljeur
u13 Kwakhona Ngwana

General manager Kevin Adriaan


u19 Lisa Marie Engelbrecht
u16 Kelly Madison
u15 Tamara Pike
u14 Joslyn Kemp
u13 Aaliyah Meridith