WPSWP has noted, with grave concern, the incidents that occurred in and around the Bishops pool during and after the 1st team water polo match on Saturday 3 February 2018. These have brought schools’ water polo into disrepute.

WPSWP has written to both schools and has established a ‘watching brief’ over their respective inquiries and disciplinary procedures. In the first instance it is the schools’ responsibility, through their internal school structures, to deal with matters concerning physical violence in school sports and breach of codes of conduct.

We condemn, in the strongest terms, the violence that is regrettably periodically associated with the game. The organisation is equally concerned with the lack of restraint displayed by spectators – learners, parents and supporters – of water polo. We have established a sub-committee to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the 3 February incidents. This includes what appears to be an increasing level of negative spectator involvement, and to table remedial recommendations.

As custodians of schools’ water polo in our collective communities, WPSWP is determined to protect the integrity of this wonderful game. Our goal is to create and protect an environment where this amateur sport can flourish and provide a rich and enduring life experience for all stakeholders.