A message from the WPSWP Chairman…

It makes me very sad to do this, but at an Exec meeting last night it was resolved that we need to cancel the proposed tour to the Pan Pacific Festival this year for the U14 teams.

In retrospect I was late in getting the process started and the high costs associated with a tour to NZ makes it difficult for many families – especially with the prospect of still more tours later in the year – IPT etc.

The issues we considered:

  • We wanted to send a boys and girls team
  • They had to be as close to full strength as possible.

The limited time left to fund-raise would make it difficult/unlikely that we could achieve the goal, and we would be needing to place flight deposits and team entry fees almost immediately.

My sincere apologies for raising everyone’s hopes and then dashing them like this. Perhaps – if this age group continues to perform well – we should look at a northern hemisphere tour in 2019 as U15s. This would give more time for fundraising and the skills learned by the players would still be available to WP for at least three more IPTs.

Thanks again for your interest and willingness to get involved in this innovation, perhaps next year.