On Tuesday night we held the first Annual General Meeting for the brand new Western Province Water Polo Referees’ Association (WPWPRA). This association has now taken the control of everything to do with refereeing in the Western Cape.

The meeting started with a brief explanation about the association and its aims, which consist of:

  • To train referees, existing and new, to grow the strength of water polo in the province
  • To encourage the sharing of information and knowledge amongst referees
  • To hold courses and ensure that all referees have an equal opportunity
  • To protect referees and help them grow
  • To create a career path for referees, with the aim of having a Western Province referee on the FINA panel once again

The next step was to vote in the new executive committee – congratulations to the first official office bearers of this association:

Chairman –      Ian Melliar
Treasurer –      Tristan Cudworth
Secretary –      Logan Mackie
Members –      Heather Dooner
Matt Stringer
Luke Penney


As part of this association, all referees are required to join in order to ensure that they become accredited in the province. This will also mean that only members of this new association will be eligible to go to major tournaments, such as the annual IPT.


For more information about the association and how to join, please contact Logan Mackie via email on manager@wpschoolswaterpolo.co.za


The Advanced referee course will be hosted in September! Make sure to to book your spot to avoid disappointment!