22 June 2020

To schools’ water polo parents and players

A Facebook video from the National Water Polo head coach regarding training and registration has created a flurry of interest among parents and players.

The video and registration requirement only refers to players from U16 to seniors who are on a list of names submitted to SSA for approval. We have not had sight of this. Only players on this list will be issued permits for conditioning-based training.

The first point is that training venues need to be Covid-19 accredited by SSA and WC Aquatics. In Western Province all venues are based at schools. This adds another wrinkle as the Department of Basic Education – and the provincial counterpart (WCED in our case) – have priority jurisdiction over the venues.

The current ruling is that there is no school sport for the remainder of 2020. However, there is a chance that school governing bodies/headmasters/mistress may have some leeway to amend their own situation. But, there is NO provision at this point for players from one school playing at another school. So there is unlikely to be any competitive schools’ polo this year.

At the moment there are no accredited venues in Western Province. We have one school that is embarking on the accreditation procedure, but it is an arduous process with multiple steps that have to be addressed in great detail. It will likely take time to complete the process and with no guaranteed successful outcome.

However, as with many of the lockdown regulations, things are fluid and can be amended/enforced further at any time.

Players on the SSA list will be issued with a permit to train but they need to be registered with the national body and belong to a club.

a. Cost of Registration:

  • Player pays R550
  • Coaches pay R600
  • Officials (Managers/Refs/etc) pay R550

b. Payment must be made to the following account – Cape Town Metro Aquatics NPO, FNB, MY BRANCH 255355, Account number – 62764954296. Note:

  • Payment reference MUST BE the “players Initial/ Surname”
  • Proof of payment MUST BE saved as a PDF with the following file name: “2021 SSA Reg and players name” for example “2021 SSA Reg MY Name”

c. Player/Guardian must then input their details into the Google form attachedhttps://forms.gle/q6nsNnbftpZnKRAg8
d. Player/GuardianthensendstheproofofpaymenttotheirClubadminperson
e. The Club admin then submits ONE mail weekly to Steffanie Werrett with the proof of payment attached.
d. WP Polo will then:

  • Send ONE email to Elna weekly with all Registered Player info and proof of payments.
  • Also attached the Google sheet of the player info.

f. WP Polo will then confirm with your CLUB when the registration has been confirmed and will respond directly ONLY with your CLUB.

Further questions relating to this round of permits should be directed to the club concerned or

Brett Redelinghuys by email: brettr@herefordgroup.co.za

There are MANY variables at play here and we are completely on new ground. Please have patience with this process.