Vision | Mission | Values


Inspiring magic moments and memories in water polo and beyond.


An inclusive water polo family where ambitious, humble and resilient athletes are able to fulfil their potential.




One individual’s actions reflect the whole and no individual is above the game. In essence, we exemplify respect, humility, generosity, courtesy and fair play in each activity we undertake. Regardless of who is watching or what situation we find ourselves in, the fundamentals of sportsmanship direct our behaviour.


Representivity and participation are at the forefront of our activities. We commit to ensuring that all players are given fair chance to participate and develop irrespective of race, class, gender or orientation. Everyone has worth in water polo, every child should play.


Performance is the focus on executing individual and team goals at maximum ability. It consists of effort, determination, patience, and sacrifice. To execute every action as well as possible, this value is process oriented and reflects our desire for continuous improvement. In return, it cultivates confidence, responsibility, and achievement.


Support and belonging are the cornerstones of our system. This is a place where the ambitious, the resilient and the humble can find like-minded people. Where collaboration enables us to exceed the capabilities of a single person. Most importantly, where meaningful relationships can be cultivated, lasting long after the final whistle has been blown.